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14-Feb-2017 11:03

My twelve year old is able to go places with her friends, but she will not be allowed to go on a date alone with a boy.I don't know how I will feel when she is fourteen, but I know fourteen year old girls that should still not be able to go out alone with a boy.I have three girls and one boy, and don't want to start a precedent, but what is a good age to let girls start to date (one on one), go out with groups of friends (girls only) to the movies or mall without an adult present, and go out as group dates?I have told my oldest (who is currently 14 1/2 going on 21)that if she is asked out to a school dance, I will allow her to go because at least that has adult supervision.Sometimes they feel they can tell us things before they could tell their parents, and you would be shocked at even the things that Christian kids deal with. because an older girl(16) seduced him more or less.Teens are faced with these situations all the time no matter how old they are.

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Have you heard what happens in some movie theaters?I think that if the group is boys and girls mixed, it is still a date. I would sit her down, set some boundaries that you feel are appropriate and let her try. So she could go with the boy she liked and some friends you knew?Even if friends don't ask her to hang out as much, it is worth it to protect her. You could also have boundary where you have to meet whoever she is going out with and their parents before she goes.I originally told her that she could not date until she was 16, but you give them an inch and they want the whole mile, right?

Now she wants to be able to go to the movies with a boy that she likes.

As far the mall, I do let my daughter go with a group to the mall / movie without staying with them. I'm afraid that if she is there too often or too long, she may get bored and that's when kids usually get into trouble.