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The Sapphire pool web site will list special events at the pool, celebrity dj’s and hosts, special cover charges, and excellent drink/limo/lounge chair packages (recommended).The pool itself is medium-sized and rectangular—it looks a lot like Mirage’s Bare Pool, though there’s a waterfall fountain at one end that bathers can stand under and get drenched — a great spot for girl-watching.With guest DJs, you’re liable to hear everything from classic rock to cutting-edge hip-hop, rap, techno/house/EDM.You might hear “Fly Like an Eagle” and “Fly Like a G-6” back-to-back, but the emphasis is definitely on the more modern beats.Now that I can finally post an ANEI (adjusted nipple entertainment index), I’m going to give it a 9.99.The place is bursting at the seams with exposed female flesh. Sapphire’s on-duty pool staff includes many female servers and go-go dancers, all in bikinis.

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I have seen a two-drink minimum occasionally at the pool at per drink when there’s been a special DJ.

It’s a great way to stretch your Vegas vacation spring through fall.

Call 1.702.869.0003 to reserve your ride, or book at the Sapphire pool website.

That’s why all the girls in the photos on this page are wearing pasties. The Sapphire pool is now fully topless for anyone who wants to go fully topless. Sapphire was still the best topless pool in town, even when it was “topless lite.” Now that it’s fully topless, it’s got by far the best scenery in Vegas.

You’ll be happy to know that this dumb regulation is now gone. If you’re looking for a pool where you can lay back with a cold beverage and enjoy the view, there is no pool with more topless babes who truly ought to be topless. The pool is divided by a volley ball net and the beach balls never stop flying.If you want to meet a dancer, hang out in the pool or by the bar or food concession and don’t be shy about introducing yourself to any really hot babes who just seem to be hanging out there.The knockouts wearing pink wristbands will all be Sapphire dancers. ” Pro tip: If you see a hot girl at the pool who’s wearing a pink wristband (and you’ll see a lot of them), that means she’s a Sapphire dancer and you can buy her a drink, invite her to share your cabana, or ask her for a private dance in Sapphire’s VIP room (there’s a secret back entrance to the club she can lead you to)..If you’re looking for a topless pool, you’ve got about ten to choose from in this town where you can splash around in the water and lay in the sunshine and hopefully see some cute girls getting sun on their titties. But if what you’re looking for is more in the line of a strip club in the sunshine, there’s only one venue in town that will fill the bill: the Sapphire Pool & Day Club (pool website). The dancers are friendly and don’t seem to have any boyfriends or husbands hanging around.

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