Adultfreechat line numbers for girls who like to talk about masterbating

31-May-2017 10:05

I had a conversation with some of my girlfriends about flicking the bean, getting handsy, finger painting, polishing the pearl, whatever you want to call it. Sometimes its once a week, once a month, and sometimes it’s multiple times in one day. One of my male friends thought that women probably masturbate just as much as men, whereas another assumed it was less, 2ish times a week. I asked my friends if they watch porn, and most answered yes.

All of us started with our god-given tools, but about half of us have since moved on to a more technological approach and treasure our vibrators.

Lastly, I asked my male friends if they think that women are comfortable talking about masturbation, and if THEY are comfortable talking to women about masturbation: 1: Most of my liberal female friends are comfortable talking about masturbation.

My more conservative female friends are not comfortable talking about it.

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Woman have been simultaneously sexually repressed and exploited since the dawn of time.I asked my male friends about their perspectives on having a sexual relationship with oneself, and while one didn’t really know what that meant, another said “Absolutely, I think it is important for pretty much everyone to have a sexual relationship with themselves. P2: I think if you are a person who masturbates, you shouldn't change that because of your relationship status.It helps you to understand your body better and lets you explore yourself and find out what things work and don’t work for you. (because then you'd be changing yourself for a person and I don't believe that to be a good thing) Your sole reliance for pleasure shouldn't have to be from that person when you are perfectly capable of it yourself too.I do not think this view point is changing because no one discusses it.

Only a few of my friends will openly discuss it with me and have confidence in their tone of voice.P4: I think masturbation in general is a sore subject (no pun intended).Male or female, I just think that sense men are viewed as more open about their sexuality, though not viewed as proper, it is more common, therefore, it has become more standardized. (this is where it gets more important, so I’m sharing everyone’s individual perspectives) P1: It's so important!