Amplifiers dating vox amps

22-Mar-2017 05:46

From the smallest battery operated portables to their iconic hand-wired stage powerhouses, there is a Vox amp ready to unleash the trademark tone you have been craving.The picture above is from the Vox solid state catalogue of July 1967.In 1958, Tom Jennings and Dick Denney formed a company called Jennings Musical Instruments (JMI).Together they designed and built the first Vox amp, the AC-15.The reason is simple: All the cool bands played through Vox amps.Today, Vox amps are hot again, and for darn good reason.

In today's money, that would be around £3,200 according to the Bank of England inflation calculator.The cab is termed, as in the case of the cab above, an ST50. A good early Defiant with a later cab ("Solid State" in the logo) - the side stands are repros, designed for an AC30, but do the job.On the amp, indicator lens replaced, and the Belling Lee mains input socket adapted as a cable pass-through. The screw threads for the side stands appears to have sheared off.The treble channel had the distortion and a mid range boost effects network. The speaker cab was a 2x12" containing two Celestion T1279s (8ohms each) wired in series, and a Goodmans Midax horn - see the examples below, on this page. The latter could be fixed to the former with a chrome tongue and bracket arrangement. If anyone knows of early Defiants that have not yet been included, do let me know.

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The Defiant's analogue in the solid state bass range was the " Foundation Bass", which shared the same power section (ie. From most angles, the amp section of the Defiant closely resembles a Supreme - the same number of vents on top, same size box, and so on. Evidently a working unit for many years, the recovering and regrilling themselves showing signs of much wear.

The Vox AC15 and AC30 series tube combo amplifiers are true pioneers, ushering in the sound of the 1960's British Invasion while continuing to be the amp of choice by guitarists for over fifty years.

The Vox AC15 and AC30 series tube combo amplifiers are true pioneers, ushering. The VOX AC30C2 combo amp offer numerous up-to-date enhancements.… continue reading »

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