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is an example of a Fermi question, which requires estimating physical quantities to produce an answer.Enrico Fermi was an Italian physicist known for his ability to take limited information and arrive at a reasonable numerical estimate.In addition, codes such as 800 and 911 were (and still are) used for special purposes.The restriction that Y = 0 or 1 was removed in 1995 because all possible area codes had been assigned.One method sometimes used is to focus on a small section of the crowd, such as a rectangular area. Make a square measuring 5 feet by 5 feet, and have your friends stand inside it as if they are watching a band at a small club.

(NANPA actually covers only the United States and its territories, Canada, and the Caribbean.

Delaware currently uses six-digit numbers in its license plate numbering system, although recent reports show that its numbers are approaching 1 million (Delaware uses retired numbers for new cars in many cases).

The state of Washington recently stated that it needs to explore options to its system of three numerical digits followed by three letters because it is running out of numbers.

That is, the estimate is expressed in hundreds, thousands, millions, and so on whatever unit is appropriate for the question. Activity Sheet 2, 3 pages 5 Analyzing Numerical Data: Estimating Large Numbers I. Activity Sheet 2, 3 pages 6 Analyzing Numerical Data: Estimating Large Numbers I.

Another example of a Fermi question is: Can every person in the world fit inside a cubic mile? A Student Activity Sheet 2: Filling Your Classroom with Tennis Balls 4. high school students spend texting on their cell phones during the next year? A Student Activity Sheet 3: Not Enough Numbers Telephone Numbers During the past few years, there have been several statements of the form: It is conceivable that we may run out of area codes and telephone numbers within the next 10 years.Activity Sheet 3, 4 pages 7 Analyzing Numerical Data: Estimating Large Numbers I. The 7-digit numbers in a given area code have the form ABC-XXXX, where X, B, and C can be any digit 0 9 and A is restricted to 2 9.There are two other restrictions: B and C cannot both equal 1 since these values are designated for other purposes such as 911 (emergency) and 411 (information), and through are reserved for fictional uses such as in television shows or movies.Analyzing Numerical Data: Estimating Large Numbers I.