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26-Feb-2017 16:04

For those who did experience those pre-AIDS, precondom years, it’s a bit like being nostalgic about the original Star Wars and Superman films, revolutionary technology like the first Sony Walkman personal cassette player, the Apple i computer and the heyday of disco – amazing at the time, but the world has changed a hell of a lot since then.The world is constantly changing, and so it seems is our attitude to condom use. Or is this something we need to be realistic about, be openly honest about and stop finger pointing. If we know the risks associated with having unprotected sex, why do we take that risk? Condom sex lacks the intimacy of skin on skin that bareback gives.I don’t bareback with everyone, but I am aware that there is a risk involved with any sexual encounter I have.” “Sex without condoms is way better, feels better, and mentally I guess it’s a real turn on for me.And it’s less hassle than dealing with a condom,” says David, 37, from Manchester.We have bareback muscle dudes who like to fuck each other or take the nice hard dick of an older man.You'll see bareback twink sex with guys who are eighteen and nineteen years old, experimenting with sex for the first time or getting schooled on how to fuck by a hot guy in his 30s or 40s.I sero-sort online and generally only fuck with other positive guys who get regularly checked out.Not greatly into random hook-ups but if someone catches my eye in the street…”“Condoms make it not such a good feeling,” says Stefan, 43, from Manchester.

Some HIV-positive guys also spoke of the stigma attached to their status – and by seeking out other positive guys or guys into BB sex, they reduce the risk of being ‘twice rejected’ (whereby you get chatting to a hot guy, but the flirtation ends when you disclose your status).

“And also it’s not the same shooting into a condom. For me, if I use a rubber I often go soft and lose interest.

I know the risk, but it’s the best and only way to fuck. With rubbers it’s not the same feeling at all.”“If we tell ourselves the story that all hot sex has to be unprotected sex, then it becomes true,” Matthew Hodson, Chief Executive of GMFA, argues.

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I am well aware of the risks associated with having unprotected sex, and to be fair it’s not worth the risk – but I take the risk.