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Our first questions are always about the housing your plan to provide your bunny or bunnies.

We must see photos of your bunny housing before we can proceed.

If everything goes well, you will fill out a second form, our adoption contract.

Part of that contract says that you will never give your bunny away without contacting us--you can ALWAYS bring a Special Bunny rabbit back to us, no questions asked.

“I’m kidding.”In the end, they agreed that Edie’s personality also seemed the best fit. Odum was a little disappointed: Tonya had been at the shelter since August, Edie less than a month.“I knew the minute they said they wanted to try Edie it would be her,” she said. I know you want a friend.”Then she went to Edie’s cage.

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He is met with a range of reactions: rebuffs, disinterest, mounting, and sniffing– everything a bunny owner should expect when introducing potential bond mates.New rabbit owners often change their minds after learning how much work the animals are, Ms. “They’re definitely high-maintenance pets,” she said. So people who got pet store rabbits in the last days of legality had only shelters to turn to when buyer’s remorse kicked in. Chui conferred briefly and announced their decision: Edie. You get to go home with him.”Pet City, a biweekly column, deals with all manner of pets and their human companions in New York: the annoyances, the joys, the sorrows and the laughs particular to cohabiting with domesticated animals, by choice or by proximity.