Body language for success with women and dating

28-May-2017 22:44

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Face: Natural laughter lights up the face and is a genuine sign of relaxation and lets the other person see you’re at ease in their company.

Not only does it help you as endorphins are released and stress reduced, it can also allow your vulnerabilities to show because your guard is dropped and this can make you more appealing.

Facial expressions, eye contact, body movements and gestures, together with speech and tone of voice, can all give off signals both consciously and unconsciously to other people.

Therefore, understanding how we use these to our advantage can help with more effective communication overall.

Try the inverted triangle technique by looking from each eye down to the mouth.▲ Looking into people’s eyes can be embarrassing (I know that feeling!

) You can rotate your gaze to make eye contact more natural.

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With this in mind, I will go through essential body language tips within the common daily settings of work, dating and making friends.

Gestures: When chatting with your date, lean forward slightly as this shows genuine interest.

When they’re talking make sure you nod and smile to let them know you’re interested in what they’re saying.

Winking can elicit a feeling of connection in the other person and you can come off as more fun and confident.▲ Winking is a signal telling your new friend that you share some hidden knowledge with him/her.

Gestures: We subconsciously mirror the body language of people we are fond of so subtly copy hand gestures, other movements or the way they stand.Slight touching on their upper arm can create feelings of intimacy without inappropriateness, making your date warm to you more.▲ When your date speaks, don’t forget to lean forward a bit to show how eager to listen what they say.Voice: Both men and women actually like a deeper tone of voice in the opposite sex.When sitting, crossing your legs in a figure-4 portrays a more confident stance but usually only in men.

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