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24-Feb-2017 11:49

They expect a ready-made wife who is a doctor with five degrees, supermodel looks and who drives an Audi to simply stay at home when they get married, and ignore the fact that they are offering much less than what we come to the table with.We are taught to overlook these shortfalls and settle – we simply can’t win.Whether we decided to get married tomorrow, next month, next year or in ten years time, that’s our decision, not yours. There are women across the world who have no choice but to get married.So the next time you give me a lecture, think of those who are children that are forced into marriage.But a lot of people suggest I’ll be ‘too old’ to get married once I finish at 28 or 29.‘Look, you’re almost 25 now, you don’t want to be an old bride,’ and ‘If you get any older, no one is going to want you,’ are two sentences that seem to reach fever-pitch for Asian girls like myself around this age. Have you ever thought about how strong, independent women, who are self-sufficient, self-made and self-fulfilled, can have everything they have ever wanted by themselves – with or without a man?It’s as if nothing matters more than the empty space on our wedding fingers where there should be a ring. Does anyone stop to think about whether we, the women who are subjected to these constant episodes of interrogation, will want instead? The idea that we have ‘sell-by-dates’ is instilled in us from an early age, but it’s a concept that is as ridiculous and untrue as it sounds.The modern world of dating doesn’t help matters, with an increasing amount of men on Tinder, and Muslim or South Asian dating apps such as Minder, Muzmatch or Dil Mil, wanting to move at the speed of light.

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Think of the women who often lose their lives when they stand up for their right to choose.

As well as singles events, SBS also provides mentoring and coaching to support you on your journey to finding love.

The founder, Kamey, met his girlfriend Sabeen through SBS.

In such situations, I’ve taught myself to keep a straight face and ignore the almost unbearable frustration inside as I ponder a response.

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’ she continues as she notices the blank, apathetic look on my face, ‘I’ll pray for you,’ she says, as if I’m a damsel in distress who needs saving from a knight in shining armour.If I had my way, I’d blurt out: ‘Whenever I want to, why do you care?’ with emphasis on the word ‘I’, as that’s what matters of course.Do not be concerned for women like me who have the choice and who will not be defined by marriage. I’m not sorry if the idea of opposing ‘sell-by dates’ and instead choosing to get degrees, secure our dream jobs, travel the world, build a career, buy our own houses, our own cars and give everything to ourselves, (married or not) isn’t enough for you.