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Peter Schrijver has specifically suggested, on these grounds, that the name originally meant 'place that floods (periodically, tidally)'.Two recent discoveries indicate probable very early settlements near the Thames in the London area.At its height in the 2nd century, Roman London had a population of around 60,000.With the collapse of Roman rule in the early 5th century, London ceased to be a capital, and the walled city of Londinium was effectively abandoned, although Roman civilisation continued in the area of St Martin-in-the-Fields until around 450.

From the 820s repeated Viking assaults brought decline.

Archaeological research shows that this involved abandonment of Lundenwic and a revival of life and trade within the old Roman walls.

London then grew slowly until about 950, after which activity increased dramatically.

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history dating back to 1773 quotfusetalkquot

Create account Sign in Live streaming on is the best way to broadcast podcasts, radios shows or live sessions.In 1999, the remains of a Bronze Age bridge were found on the south foreshore, upstream of Vauxhall Bridge.The next, heavily planned, incarnation of Londinium prospered, and it superseded Colchester as the capital of the Roman province of Britannia in 100.We record each live show and after it ends it will be available on your profile for later publishing or just for you.