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The Fenghuang is also known as the “August Rooster” since the bird sometimes takes the place of the Rooster in Chinese zodiac.The figure of phoenix appears in objects dating from thousands of years ago (approximately 4,000 years ago), this proves that it has its origins in the very very beginning of Chinese culture. Arowana Fish Bat Symbol Meaning Bear and Deer in Chinese Culture Birds in Feng Shui Crane in Chinese Culture Dragon Dance Dragon Facts Elephant in Feng Shui Fu Lions Horse in Chinese Culture The Heavenly Horse Lion Dance Lucky Cat Lucky Fish in Feng Shui Monkey King Story Monkey King Festival Panda in Chinese Culture Phoenix Bird Snake Myths and Legend Three Legged Frog Tiger in Chinese Culture Turtle in Feng Shui Qilin Zhu Bajie Feng Shui Lucky Objects What is Feng Shui Chinese phoenix resembles a peacock but the stories tell that it is in fact a much more sizable animal than its modern-day cousin.And because of this, the wedding dresses worn by the brides in China are often decorated with a picture of the phoenix.Once the dragon became a totem of the emperor, then the phoenix was also accorded a similar significance to empresses.

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Actually ‘feng huang’ (the original name of the bird) incorporates the notions of feng, a male bird and huang, a female bird, therefore according to that logic, the phoenix is actually a symbol of the combination between masculinity and feminity, or Yin-Yang.

When giving birth, especially twin, is always considered a blessing.

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