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15-Aug-2017 18:17

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This is why dating a guy a little rough around the edges can be intriguing to a young woman.

These guys, with the easy cash they make from dealing drugs and their flippant I-don't-care attitude, can at times seem sexy and alluring.

After running away from an abusive home environment and into the care of the Catholic Children's Aid Society in Scarborough, she has struggled to find her way.

In and out of high school after being suspended a few times for fighting with other girls, she admits she even did a few brief stints in jail after another girl pressed charges against her for "issuing death threats." But in a world where other girls respect you by how tough you are and constantly test you at school, Drayton says she was just doing what any other girl in her position would have done.

"So for a guy to let you know he has a gun underneath his bed, you have to be ready to ride or die for him.Have you found yourself falling for someone who's involved in a gang, or emulates the gangster lifestyle?Every person is different, and many stereotypes don't hold true once you get into a personal relationship with someone.Morgan says for young women in communities with few support systems, it's ultimately about survival, and many issues – poverty, racism, family issues – have to be seen in context to understand why a young girl puts up with it. Everybody rationalizes his or her way out of the situation.

A baby mother might think, `Well do I really want to take my child up to Kingston (jail) to see his dad?Whatever she needs to do for him, she will do," says Pough, adding, "I think a lot of girls do buy into it."For years, she has seen girls in her neighbourhood play into being a "ride or die" type of chick, says Amanda Cain, the editor of , a Toronto magazine for pregnant teens.In a sense, because she used to let her boyfriends use her, she was one, too."Women are becoming wiser and they realize this is a game that men play by pitting us against each other." She eventually realized that "no man has ever supported me like I have supported them."For Drayton, it took finding the right guy to show her how much better a relationship could be.

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