Dating a person with bpd

07-Jun-2017 09:28

One of the main criteria of diagnosing Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) is difficulty maintaining relationships.

When you finally meet the person who sets your world on fire, it feels incredible.People with BPD, even in their happiest periods, experience this pervasive feeling of emptiness almost every day, and often they try and fill this with things that stimulate them.It’s well documented that we love to turn to a quick fix; drugs, alcohol, binge eating, any risk taking behaviour that fills us up for a second.Dropping a message before you start working for the day to say you have a busy one ahead, but you’re thinking of them and will call later, will stop the midday freak out, because they know you care about them and they know you’re OK.

If you’re unhappy with them, don’t act cold and distant – be up front and speak to them so you both understand each other and this can help them stay in control of their emotions.According to Mahari, a former sufferer of BPD, this can begin the cycle of codependency.Mahari writes about the importance of developing boundaries.In my somewhat limited but quite eventful 26 years of experience, as a person with BPD, the way to make it work with that person is always communication.

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