Dating assessment tool

09-May-2017 07:45

It also predicts the amount of time until a new assault, and greater severity of new assaults.

The ODARA was developed to be used by police officers to identify high risk domestic violence cases, and provide a shared language about escalated risk to aid communication among criminal justice and other agencies responding to domestic assault.

It is currently used as to inform pre-trial evaluations and as a corrections case management tool for offenders screened as high risk for domestic violence-related re-offense.

It was originally developed for use by health personnel in consultation with victims to enhance their ability to plan for their safety. This tool is appropriate in confidential settings, or where protocols and practices have been put in place to ensure that this information does not come into the hands of the offender.It can also be applied to pretrial evaluations in charged individuals.The SARA gathers data from: interviews with the accused and with victims, standardized measures of physical and emotional abuse and of drug and alcohol use, and a review of police reports, victim statements, criminal records.To meet the goal of enhanced safety for an increasing number of victims, service providers and interveners are inevitably involved in attempting to identify the most dangerous offenders and manage the risks posed to victims.

This webinar will provide an overview of the Dating Matters® Capacity Assessment Tool. was developed as a tool to assist organizations in assessing and building.… continue reading »

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