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As for being tired of games, just be frank, know what you want and call people on a game when you see one being played. I have had a very long term relationship and now I am happy to have fun.

My advice is to focus on your own personal happiness and not expect someone or something to do it for you. At this time I am looking for friendship more than dating or sex. We got a coffee club going here where locals get to meet in person and plan some actrivities together. I am not saying that I will never 'settle down', but it seems very unlikely right now.

We all go through that, some just approach it differently. They love to be kicked and beaten with whips and chains....:) Bob the beach boy, er, bum...

If you had many dating experiences before marriage, relationships too, and lived on your own for some time, the transition back to being single seems to be somewhat more understandable when you do divorce and head in that direction. Maybe it is time to reflect on your own situation and get comfortable in your own skin.

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. It seems there are only two types of men out there.

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Once that happens, the others seem to dwindle away slowly and before you know it, you are with one you truly connect with.

They are like a kid in a candy store....want a little of this and a little of that.

Then there are the guys that have been divorced for 10 yrs or so. Many of us men meet women now that are just divorced or within the past few years or less and they act the same way many times.

Meeting someone is not the problem......connecting with them on all the right levels IS the problem.

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Meeting people, being set up, getting a date, finding new people at activities or dances, work, night clubs, bars all happens unless you do not allow that to happen or you stay home all day and night on the computer or hiding.

I enjoy my company a lot, have hobbies and aspirations, and I don't really feel like compromising that much or making a relationship into too much work (it never was before).

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