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There, she was considered to be bright and extremely inquisitive about everything; however, she lacked discipline, often shouting answers to questions out of turn. Streisand became known by others in the neighborhood for her voice.She next entered Public School 89 in Brooklyn, and during those early school years began watching television and going to movies. With the other kids she remembers sitting on the stoop in front of their flat and singing: "I was considered the girl on the block with the good voice." She made her singing debut at a PTA assembly, where she became a hit to everyone but her mother, who was mostly critical of her daughter.When desperate, she would return to her mother's flat in Brooklyn for a home-cooked meal.However, her mother would be horrified by her daughter's "gypsy-like lifestyle," wrote biographer Karen Swenson, and again begged her to give up trying to get into show business; She took a job as an usher at the Lunt-Fontanne Theater for The Sound of Music, early in 1960.To that end, in her second year, she took a night job at the Cherry Lane Theatre in Greenwich Village helping backstage.When she was a senior, she rehearsed for a small part in Driftwood, a play staged in a midtown attic space. At age sixteen, she graduated from Erasmus Hall in January 1959, and despite her mother's pleas that she stay out of show business, she immediately set out trying to get roles on the New York City stage.That session was the first time Streisand ever asserted herself as an artist, which also became her "first moment of inspiration" as an artist.Streisand began her education at the Jewish Orthodox Yeshiva of Brooklyn when she was five.

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Her mother had been a soprano singer in her youth and considered a career in music, but later became a school secretary.The star in the play was Susan Strasberg, whose acting she wanted to emulate if ever given the chance.To help achieve that goal, Streisand began spending her spare time in the library, studying the biographies of various stage actresses such as Eleanora Duse and Sarah Bernhardt.That small part was followed by a role as the kid sister in Picnic and one as a vamp in Desk Set.

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She returned to school in Brooklyn but never took dramatic arts classes, preferring instead to gain some real-world stage experience.After renting a small apartment on 48th street, in the heart of the theater district, she accepted any job she could involving the stage, and at every opportunity, she "made the rounds" of the casting offices.At sixteen, then living on her own, Streisand's youth and ambition worked in her favor, but she lacked a mature woman's physical features which were needed for serious female roles.She also joined the Freshman Chorus and Choral Club, where she sang with another choir member and classmate, Neil Diamond.

Ms. Meizlik's angry conclusion was that the hareidim, the FFBs frum—or. Crown Heights, and Flatbush, as well as Lakewood, NJ, and Monsey, NY. to combating the “angst and hardships associated with dating in the religious. “In numerous places, the Torah commands us to treat proselytes with equity and sensitivity.… continue reading »

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