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27-Aug-2017 07:46

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Many people use photos that don’t reflect their real personalities and this can lead to matching with the wrong types of people, disappointing dates and wasting valuable time.

Because online dating is over saturated we all go in wanting to look our best but this is not a smart approach.

Don’t take for granted what you can say using a few simple snapshots.

This is one way to take the pressure off of the next part…. I mean honestly - what can possibly be written in 300 characters or less that fully encompasses YOU?

dating profile consulting-57

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I’m back with my second post for the YBC Love and Relationships series and... This will be Part 1 of a two part series on dating profiles.This is a major departure from my first Tinder profile which had no text, and contributed to me ending up with a person who was not on the apps looking for a long term/committed relationship in the first place.I am hopeful that this will better position me to find my unicorn…. Okay, last piece of advice that applies to both pictures and test. You heard me, have a couple of close friends look over your profile before you send it on it’s journey into the interwebz.I also want to put a little disclaimer up front that I can only speak as a relatively young, straight, divorced, white woman.