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The usage by a subscriber in a visited network is captured in a file called the TAP (Transferred Account Procedure) for GSM / CIBER (Cellular Intercarrier Billing Exchange Record) for CDMA, AMPS etc... A TAP/CIBER file contains details of the calls made by the subscriber viz.location, calling party, called party, time of call and duration, etc.

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Why United Country Equipment Auctions, with a heritage dating back to 1925, United Country has a long tradition of professional auction marketing and equipment expertise throughout America.

Roaming is divided into "SIM-based roaming" and "username/password-based roaming", whereby the technical term "roaming" also encompasses roaming between networks of different network standards, e.g. Device equipment and functionality, such as SIM card capability, antenna and network interfaces, and power management, determine the access possibilities.

Although these user/network scenarios focus on roaming from GSM Network Operator's network(s), clearly roaming can be bi-directional, i.e. Traditional roaming in networks of the same standard, e.g.

In the UK, the main network providers generally send text alerts to advise users that they will now be charged international rates so it is clear when this will apply.

UK data roaming charges abroad vary depending on the nature of the phone agreement (either pay as you go or monthly contracts).

This agreement is established after a series of testing processes called IREG (International Roaming Expert Group) and TADIG (Transferred Account Data Interchange Group).