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25-Jan-2017 03:42

Over the years, No Longer Lonely has facilitated many friendships, relationships, and marriages by offering a safe place where people with mental illness are welcomed instead of stigmatized.

Jim Leftwich knows what it’s like to struggle with a mental illness.

No Longer Lonely also has a live chat room where members can mix and mingle anonymously.

“Your chat room is the coolest,” said Michael, who lives in a small town in Montana.

Anyone diagnosed with a mental illness can sign up to the dating site for free and see what the online community is all about.

The site connects people who have been diagnosed with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, OCD, personality disorder, PTSD, and numerous other mental illnesses because such people can relate to one another’s experiences It doesn’t cost anything to create a profile on No Longer Lonely.

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In fact, Jim doesn’t believe a mental illness should stand in the way of anyone seeking happiness, stability, and love in their lives.From there, it’s a pretty standard put-in-your-email and choose-a-username process.When you’re creating your profile, you can choose to disclose your height, weight, and a personal bio, and you can also fill in optional fields for your transportation, working status, and living situation.It was the first dating platform to exclusively target this underserved population in the dating scene, and it garnered media attention from CNN, Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Narratively.

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“I’ve been blessed with a recovery that most people don’t achieve,” Jim told us.

“Now I just want to help more people and send them a message of empowerment.

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