Dating sites for cat lovers

07-Feb-2017 03:15

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It also lets you browse through member profiles or search for cat dating members.

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Elizabeth Spann Craig September 23, at 5: Yes, I want to reinstate my membership! Leave a comment Cancel comment First time visitors: Consider adopting another cat, but if that's not for you or your kitty, make sure to set aside time each day to play games with your pet, enhancing the fun with soothing and comforting banter.

Every woman except the right woman, however, comes second to my dog.

(They might not have gone on it.) Let’s face it: Animal lovers are a different breed.

They are willing to pay well to ensure that their pet has a great life.

"It's often been said that a person reflects the traits of their animal, so is it any surprise to see cats top the list? While cat lovers may disagree with the Merriam-Webster dictionary's description of feline traits as "sly, treacherous and stealthy", the fact they comprise more than a quarter of the website's membership speaks for itself, he said.

"The jury has always been out on whether cats genuinely love their human companions, or whether their loyalty lies with whoever can best satisfy their stomachs," he said.

Besides offering so much from a dating perspective, Purrsonals.

This site links you up to the very best in cat information and links you to cat lovers everywhere.