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24-Jun-2017 00:08

Measure the depth-adjustment nut to see if it is as large as 1-1/4 inch in diameter.

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If you noted zero patent dates and there is a raised ring, you have a plane of Type 15 to 20.Examine the plane to see if there is a raised ring meant to be a receiver for the knob cast into the bed.If you noted one patent date and no raised ring, your plane is Type 13 and dates between 19.The best approach is to use the flowchart to date your plane, and then visit the Plane Type Study and Plane Feature Timeline to verify the type. (Does anyone want to take pictures of parts that are hard to describe?

Send them to me and I'll add them to the flowchart...) If you find errors or discrepancies, Patrick's Plane Type Study is the final authority.

Stanley has been creating tools such as the bench plane since 1843, and it can be difficult to date an antique tool if you don't know where to look, according to the Stanley Company.

The most notable contributor to the success of the Stanley plane was the gifted tool maker Leonard Bailey. His 1867 patents for plane improvements are widely credited as the birth of all Stanley type planes.… continue reading »

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ST18079 Number 12 Cabinet Scraper This is a nice as found Stanley 12. The 12 & 12 1/2 design are my favorite scrapers. The pull design works much better for me than the 112, which you push like a plane, and is more likely to chatter.… continue reading »

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Planes Planes 0 There is no tool in the STANLEY® line better known and respected than the STANLEY® Plane. Since 1870, STANLEY® Planes have been the favorite of carpenters and home craftsmen alike. Today, end users continue to demand high quality and accuracy in their planes. That’s why we’ve combined our traditional designs with… continue reading »

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