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Should there be a general justification defence for direct sex discrimination?

At the moment it is possible to justify various forms of discrimination including indirect sex and race discrimination, disability discrimination and discrimination against part‐time workers.

Employment analysis: An employer’s policy to pay female employees maternity pay at full pay but to pay only the statutory rate of pay to a father wishing to take shared parental leave was found by the Leeds Employment Tribunal to amount to direct sex discrimination.

A father has won a direct sex discrimination claim for failure to pay enhanced shared parental pay in circumstances where female employees were entitled to enhanced maternity pay.

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After the two week compulsory maternity leave period, the position for men and woman when it comes to care is the same.


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The inherent imbalance in the expression of X and Y genes, or in the epigenetic impact of X and Y chromosomes, also has the potential to contribute directly to the sexual differentiation of non-gonadal cells."They called me about my availability, but nothing's negotiated," he confessed."Hopefully if all the negotiations go well, it will happen in the fall. The decision is currently being appealed and hopefully this will provide some certainty in this area for both employers and employees.

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