Error validating the default for column date

16-Apr-2017 20:08

error validating the default for column date-45

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Index-organized tables are discussed in Partitioned tables enable your data to be broken down into smaller, more manageable pieces called partitions, or even subpartitions.Each partition can have separate physical attributes, such as compression enabled or disabled, type of compression, physical storage settings, and tablespace, thus providing a structure that can be better tuned for availability and performance.Oracle Database supports several methods of table compression. When you use basic table compression, warehouse compression, or archive compression, compression only occurs when data is bulk loaded into a table.When you use advanced row compression, compression occurs while data is being inserted, updated, or bulk loaded into a table.If you do not specify a tablespace in a statement, the table is created in your default tablespace.When specifying the tablespace to contain a new table, ensure that you understand implications of your selection.Table compression is completely transparent to applications.It is useful in decision support systems (DSS), online transaction processing (OLTP) systems, and archival systems.

error validating the default for column date-37

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The following situations illustrate how not specifying a tablespace, or specifying an inappropriate one, can affect performance: attribute of the table and generate redo.Operations that permit compression include: Basic table compression compresses data inserted by direct path load only and supports limited data types and SQL operations.Advanced row compression is intended for OLTP applications and compresses data manipulated by any SQL operation.A cluster is a group of tables that share the same data blocks because they share common columns and are often used together.

What syntax should be used to specify the default value for a date field not a datetime field in SQL Server 2014. None of the ways to specify a default for a datetime or smalldatetime field.… continue reading »

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