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49 THE PAJARITO PLATEAU: A BIBLIOGRAPHY by Frances Joan Mathien Charlie R. Allen BRANCH OF CULTURAL RESEARCH Division of Anthropology U. Department of the Interior National Park Service 1993 THE PAJARITO PLATEAU: A Bffi LIOGRAPHY Mission As the Nation's principal conservation agency, the Department of the Interior has responsibility for most of our nationally-owned public lands and natural and cultural resources.This includes fostering wise use of our land and water resources, protecting our fish and wildlife, preserving the environmental and cultural values of our national parks and historical places, and providing for the enjoyment of life through outdoor recreation.The Department assesses our energy and mineral resources and works to assure that their development is in the best interests of all our people. Steen Foreword In 1916 Bandelier National Monument was established by proclamation of President Woodrow Wilson to protect and preserve for public enjoyment and education the large Anasazi pueblos and spectacular cave dwellings of the southern Pajarito Plateau. Department of An- thropology, Washington State University, Pullman.The Department also promotes the goals of the Take Pride in America campaign by encouraging stewardship and citizen responsibility for the public lands and promoting citizen participation in their care. At the time, the monument and its archeological resources enjoyed considerable national prominence both in the public eye and within the profession of archeology, largely as a result of the pioneering explorations of Adolph Bandelier and the subsequent major excavations and dogged preservation efforts of Edgar L. Since that time, however, Bandelier has ceded much of its prominence in southwestern prehistory, as extensive research projects have been conducted elsewhere. Department of Anthropology, Washington State University, Pullman. ROOT (editors) 1992 Bandelier Archaeological Excavation Project: Summer 1990 Excavations at Burnt Mesa Pueblo and Casa del Rito . 7 WHITE, JOSEPH COURTNEY 1992 In the Land of the Delight Makers: An Archaeological Survey in the American West . IX ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Every project, no matter what its size, is the combined effort of many people.From north to south, it extends from the Chama Valley to La Canada de 2 PAJARITO BIBLIOGRAPHY Figure 1. In addition, a bibliography of the Jemez area (home of Towa people) has been prepared by Michael Elliott (1982) and included with his nomination of large Pueblo sites near Jemez Springs to the National Register of Historic Places that is on file at the Museum of New Mexico, Laboratory of Anthropology, in Santa Fe.Both Steen and Mathien included references to geographically and historically related material that does not focus on the Pajarito Plateau but, nonetheless, is important to understanding the area's archeology and physical environment, for example, lithic resources available from Cerro Pedernal or in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains.

As of this date, a detailed architectural study of cavate pueblos has been completed and the field por- tions of sample inventory survey and test exca- vation programs have been brought to successful conclusion. Wolcott Toll, and the survey, led by myself, were performed with National Park Service funding and staff. Kohler, Associate Professor of Anthropology at Washington State University, was and continues to be supported by private grants. (editor) 1989 Bandelier Archaeological Excavation Project: Research Design and Summer 1988 Sampling . In Puebloan Past and Present: Papers in Honor of Stewart Peckham , edited by Meliha S. We would also like to acknowledge those who reviewed the draft copies and made constructive comments: Dr. We hope that the reader will use this document as a guide to the literature. CORRELATION OF SITE NAMES AND LA NUMBERS 129 List of Figures 1. Excavated sites on the Pajarito Plateau 14 XIII Introduction Frances Joan Mathien Background This bibliography is the result of two initially independent projects.

SOUTHWEST REGIONAL OFFICE DIVISION OF ANTHROPOLOGY 1 29.116: 49 THE PAJARITO PLATEAU: A BIBLIOGRAPHY Clemson Universli 3 1604 019 699 604 NOV FRANCES JOAN MATHIEN CHARLIE R. ALLEN Southwest Cultural Resources Center Professional Papers No.