First year of dating anniversary gifts for him

18-Mar-2017 19:52

Got her a necklace that I could afford and she wears that thing like it's a 500 year old family heirloom, makes me feel like I made a damn fine decision.Came home with a care package of beef jerky, Skittles for days, a bottle of Makers Mark, a Steam card, and a bottle of the juice that I vape. ""No""Awesome"Yea I'm never gonna find one like her again. We're in a LDR so we kind of have to plan these things out in advance :)He knew we were going to dinner but didn't know where and treated me to sushi the night before, which is our other favorite food! Throughout the year leading up I had saved receipts, movie stubs, hotel keys etc.and I believe a necklace (this was over 7 years ago now, so it's getting a little hazy).2015 will be the first year we'll eschew celebrating our dating anniversary, since a couple weeks later we'll be celebrating out first wedding anniversary. I have to take the train every time I want to see my SO, so I saved every train ticket and stuck it in with a diary entry of that day, photos, sketches, copies of cards we'd sent to each other, gig tickets, menus from new places etc.It took a while but it was worth it, he loved it to pieces.Yesterday, we posed a simple question to Happy Wives Club members on our Facebook Community page: What is the most creative anniversary gift you (and/or your husband) has ever given for less than ? When it dried, I printed a poem I wrote on it, burned the edges to make it look OLD, rolled it up, tied it with a red ribbon, and put it in the bottle. For our first anniversary (which is traditionally the paper anniversary), I took sand from Lake Michigan (where my husband was born) and put it in an old bottle with a stopper top.A creative way to capture this reciprocity in the relationship is by planning a “his and hers” day.

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We went out to eat and then went to a Keith Urban concert. We are both broke college kids so its a bit difficult to do awesome stuff like vacations for our anniversaries. We just hit this anniversary.a) I suggested she skip our formal anniversary to do a solo motorcycle road trip she had been planning (but got hosed due to weather).By this point, you’ve likely become more comfortable and view your partner not only as a lover, but as one of your best friends.As a result, you should give them a first anniversary that’s both a reflection of your time together and an indication of where you see your love going.And internally I celebrated the fact that this amazing dude actually wanted to be with me for a whole year!

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