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If you had your password changed or reset during the transition period, your OLD password will work now.You can always request a password reset – a link will be sent to your mailbox.Getting drunk or even tipsy, on the other hand, is very nearly the opposite of seeking the Holy Spirit’s guidance.It is the duty of all of us to serve those around us as best we can, and this is just not possible while consuming substances that have been proven to damage a person’s physical and mental health.One of the greatest responsibilities of any mother or father is to behave as a role model for their children.Their example will serve as a guide for the rest of their lives, which is one possible reason why alcoholism tends to run in families.The latter very definitely include an increase in aggression.

Scottie is putting everything on the table to discuss, debate, and dismantle stereotypes in a healthy exchange of ideas.In short, drinking alcohol comes with plenty of drawbacks and no advantages apart from a momentary euphoria.Even its use as a social lubricant is probably overstated: reviewing Soda Serve and a few recipes online will quickly give anyone several ideas for non-alcholic, non-caffeinated “cocktails” that groups of friends can enjoy.As one schoolteacher puts it to her students: “never get into something you can’t get out of.” Far too many people have, as they saw it at the time, dipped a toe into the waters of what seemed a recreational activity, but soon themselves dragged down into the depths.

Even drinkers who are by no means helpless alcoholics may be harming those closest to them by indulging in this vice.

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