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25-May-2017 02:05

We now offer professional dating & relationship coaching services for singles, dating couples, and married couples including profile writing services.Best of all, you don't need to be a JWed member to use this service!

However, a very important group of people has not been sufficiently addressed.

The goals are to find a shidduch for everyone, using a personal touch, and to treat each person with sensitivity and compassion.

A central telephone number was created for people to call, which will, iy H, facilitate making appropriate matches.

Electronic Mailing Lists Groups and Organizations Shidduch Resource Sites On-line Direct Shidduchim Sites On-line Indirect Shidduchim Sites Special Needs Shidduch Resources Shidduch Humor Shidduch Themed Web Logs (Blogs) Miscellaneous Shidduch Themed Sites Note: The Encounter USA Zivugim site is only usable by rabbis, rebbetzins and educators, seeking shidduchim for their talmidim/talmidos.

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The "sponsor" must first request a log-in for the site.The "sponsor" can then email the background form to his/her single talmid and ask them to fill in the details and email it back to the "sponsor".Once the "sponsor" uploads the form, with any additional comments, to the web site, he/she can then search the site for a possible shidduch for his/her student.Our work is all done L'Shaim Mitzva and hope that with the help of the Ribbono Shel Olam we can help ALL people, regardless of their situation build a Bayis.

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