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It’s funny because this just hit me this past year and it’s that I am really blessed to have energy because some people don’t have energy. [Waves across room] That guy was just taking pictures. For awhile it was love and hate and I didn’t care but now it’s mostly love. No, I’m wearing sunglasses because I got up at in the morning and have bags under my eyes.These are Paul Franks but usually I buy a handful off the streets of New York that are about .I have no desire to have a son and I’m serious about this, I would sign up for four more daughters immediately. The idea of going out in the backyard and throwing around the ball doesn’t interest me.

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We sat here talking and it was completely empty and when we looked up it was packed. I go to bed b No and I’m not sure this is the point I want to be at either. This is why you see the self-destructing celebrities because it’s still your head you put on the pillow at night so you still have the same fears, that doesn’t go away. My ego has been fed and over-fed and now I’m on the other side of it.

You know, I want to take the high road but I can’t here because when my father died he said some very vile things about him.

My father died of cancer and he did this radio skit where he dug up the corpse and raped the corpse of my father. Right there I just said about 50 things that offends 90 percent of the world but I don’t give a hairy rats ass.

When I talk about her I think it creeps people out. She’s from Italy and a lot of American women want to control their guys.

For instance I’ll ask my friend after work, you know, “Do you want to go have beer?

They are knock-offs because I lose them all of the time. Also with scarves like, “Look, it’s Mancow’s scarf! I never heard him until I was already number one in Chicago. I saw him when others weren’t seeing him and I just saw a tall, sad man.