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19-Jun-2017 11:49

We are hypocrites, don't expect change unless you are able to act mature to females who may not be pretty, but know their stuff.If you can't do that and want to bang every chick on youtube... They actually show their boobs and its just like youtube... I just don't understand monumental perverts like that.In-fact, I stopped watching AOTS shortly after Munn came in and replaced Lane. She is not a major character nor do you have to interact with her at all.I just used her for the 5 war assets and never talked to her after that.

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When that day comes we will see just how many AAA games they will be enjoying. If you talked to her character some more after certain mission you could actually get a few more war assets.

We keep telling ourselves that people like Chobot and the G4 girls are fake gamers, but why do they still continue working? Because we are just a bunch of horny, idiot, A**holes. Look on youtube, hundreds and hundreds of horny teenagers/adults watch the daily fix and that new show Chobot has, and always say they want to f**k either Chobot or Kyle for their bodies. When they do state their minds, they are instantly told to shut up and lick a game console. Because guys click with their d*cks rather than with their heads.

Why do you think those replygirls on youtube are so prominant and always show cleavage?

They think that because of her, IGN gave the game a 9.5 or she sucked someone at EA/biowares d*ck. Truth is when she was announced as an actor, I just said ok and moved on.

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Like I said, I have no idea why they chose her, but they did. But now people are trying to link her with the poor ending, the picture of Tali, etc. Stop displacing your anger onto everything related to Bioware or anyone who defends them.An I mean seriously openly insulting people about something you haven't even done yet yourself. As for where she goes...she's in engineering where that Mercenary guy used to hang out in ME2. The first problem here is actually listening to this dbag in the first place.Like I care what some hypocritical tool has to say.Reading some of these makes me wonder what some of your ages are. The remarks SHE' S APOLOGIZING FOR AND ADMITTING SHE WAS WRONG ABOUT. Who cares about the "she is hot / she isnt" debate , or if she is truly a gamer or not . In a world where game budgets get decided on based on Metacritic reviews I think that professional game journalist need to be completely objective, but how objective can someone be when they are working for a gaming company on the side? Why should she appologise to fans for having a stance on a game? I shouldn’t have mentioned anything about my feelings about ‘entitled gamers’ when it comes to the ME3 ending (and my work in progress with it),” she wrote before going on to explain how the backlash Bioware is receiving has left her “a little heartbroken”.