Lucas till dating taylor

01-Feb-2017 07:31

If you're going to date the "Shake It Off" singer, you're going to have to contend with her large group of high-profile friends—aka the "squad." That can be a challenge for any guy, no matter how nice, or cute, or successful he may be.

If you're dating Swift, you're sort of dating the entire squad.

Seriously, if you can't take time to reflect on your last relationship, how are you going to learn from your mistakes and make wiser choices in the future? Sadly, we live in a world where men can be really insecure and intimidated by a woman's accomplishments, and Swift is the very definition of success.

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We can only imagine how many guys have flat-out avoided Swift for that very reason.Whenever Swift releases a single, listeners immediately wonder: which ex-boyfriend is she writing about?Swift tends to play coy on the subject of her muses, but fans have pieced the clues together over the years.At this point, if Swift wants a relationship to work, she's either going to need to find a guy who is equally accustomed to the fame and doesn't mind it or someone who has mastered how to rise above Hollywood and all its nonsense.