Mandating drip irrigation

05-Aug-2017 15:56

Reduced pest problems: Weed and disease problems may be reduced because drip irrigation does not wet the row middles or the foliage of the crops as does overhead irrigation.

Simplicity: Polyvinyl chloride (pvc) and polyethylene parts are widely available in several diameters and are easy to assemble.

Drip irrigation requires maintenance and high-quality water: Once emitters are clogged or the tape is damaged, the tape must be replaced.

Water dripping from an emitter and the subsequent wetting pattern are hard to see, which makes it difficult to know if the system is working properly.

Proper management of drip irrigation requires a learning period.

Water-application pattern must match planting pattern: If emitter spacing (too far apart) does not match the planting pattern, root development may be restricted and/or plants may die.

Automation: Drip-irrigation application may be simply managed and programmed with an AC- or battery-powered controller, thereby reducing labor cost.

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Nutrient applications may also be better timed to meet plant needs.

Growers considering certified organic production should first become familiar with the National Organic Program (NOP) ( IE.htm) and the principles of organic production (Ferguson, 2004a,b; Treadwell, 2006).

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