Mrtg statistics not updating

25-Jan-2017 05:06

The Performance graphing tool (Multi Router Traffic Grapher) allows you to monitor Content Gateway performance and analyze network traffic.

Performance graphs show information about virtual memory usage, client connections, cache hit and miss rates, and so on.

you may also want to just move it away, then mrtg should re-generate it on the next run.

;; destination for all MRTG output (log files, pngs, etc) workdir = '/srv/mrtg' ;; destintation file for the MRTG configuration.

The information provided is recorded from the time that Content Gateway was started.

I have migrated my old 2.16 MRTG environment in a RHEL 6 machine to the new 2.17.4 a while ago and I keep having the same problem, my day, week and month graphs are updated as they should be with crontab but the year graph is not.

I haven't tried to recompile all MRTG but is going to be my next step.

I have found the asnwer, "Each graph is build from the data in its own *and *files.

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Version: 2.16.2-3 With lenny, if MRTG can't run for a device (because the connection to the device is broken), mrtg-childs run in parallel and for a long time before timing out and leaving the .log-files corrupt.

Mrtg is only able to change the Max Bytes of an RRD if it is modified after creation; other settings (RRDRow Count, Interval) can only be used at initial creation time, and subsequently changing them in the MRTG cfg file will not cause the RRD file to alter.

If you use on your RRD file, you will likely see that it has a 5min (300s) step size.

MRTG is written in perl and works on Unix/Linux as well as Windows and even Netware systems. Steve is publishing the book via Lulu, so you can get an actual printed and bound copy. If you run into trouble, check out support options. You want to encourage me to spend my time, working on it?

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So I installed MRTG yesterday, compiled from source (2.10.15). However, when I run 'env LANG=C /usr/local/mrtg-2/bin/mrtg /etc/mrtg.cfg' It returns in a few seconds, no errors but when I refresh the page the line that says 'The statistics were last updated X' stays the same. If I do an ls -la on the output directory all the last modified times are the same as what is displayed on the webpage except for a few which correspond to the time when I first ran MRTG.

If not set, the generator sends it to stdout dstfile = '/etc/mrtg/mrtg.cfg' section below.

After the copy is complete you can start the MRTG process again.". So you may want to make sure your year graph does not have an odd.… continue reading »

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Aug 26, 2011. I got the website to respond and pulled the first intial information, however, MRTG is not updating. The process is running. Here is what I got.… continue reading »

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