Munro chambers and aislinn paul dating 2016

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In March 2013 Melinda nabbed a Canadian Screen Award for "Best Performance in a Children's or Youth Program" for her role in How to be Indie. She has stated that she is on good terms with all of her cast mates, but she is closest to Jessica Tyler, Dylan Everett, Scott Paterson, Luke Bilyk, Munro Chambers, Alicia Josipovic and Aislinn Paul.

Most recently, Melinda co-hosted (alongside Degrassi castmate Munro Chambers) Free The Children's first U.

Melinda has a black belt in karate and has been studying martial arts for over 15 years.

She also started taking ballet, pointe, and other forms of dance at only three years old.

Melinda Leanna Shankar joined the cast of Degrassi in its eighth season as Sav's little sister, Alli. In 2008, Melinda traveled to Ecuador with the organization "Free The Children." In 2011 Melinda traveled again with FTC, this time to Haiti.

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She has done voiceovers, commercials, and radio shows.