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But now, when they are called upon to stop chaos in a alternative universe, things just get weirder. Little do they know, more is at stake than their precious store. Peace had returned to Smashville yet little did anyone know, multiple groups of villains are working with one another in secret.

Wario, Waluigi, Falco, Crazy Hand, Duck Hunt Dog, Snake, Weegee, Malleo, Snorlax, Dr. Tingle is a murderous cannibal, Link is an idiotic jerk, and Navi has no idea what the f*ck is going on. A parody of almost every trollfic trope imaginable. Discover what is going on by starting on Chapter 1? When things began to heat up, it is up to Dark Pit to trudge on through copious amounts of bullshit to save the world yet again.[Inspired by headcanons and a conversation with a friend.] The upcoming ball for both current and former Smashers is tomorrow. Can the four get his friend to confess before it's too late?

Join Detective Cloud Strife along with his partner Bayonetta as they both go out and bring justice to the city. Noire AUPittoo was a average boy until he received a message from one of his Atheist heroes.

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rather than the standard parody which emphasize on television and other forms of existing media.My question still rests, what exactly do you people put on these things?! Time had finally become balanced once again, but there was one portal which had remained untouched by Lana, for fear of the evil which hadn't returned to its time. Dark Pit and Lucas' favorite place to shop is Hot Topic.The life of Wario and his friends has always been weird. Vaati, the wind mage, obtained Majora's Mask, and Link and Lana had to travel through time and space to stop him. What happens when the evil Yoshi takes over mall goth paradise and changes it!Rated T for curses, but it wil be gods sayin dem, so it's funy.