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23-Apr-2017 13:17

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If your partner's tone of voice seems sarcastic, but his words aren't, you still might feel like he is making fun of you.The important thing to remember is that most of the time, it isn't intentional.Nonverbal communication can also cause you to feel uncomfortable around another person, even if the communication is not misinterpreted.For example, if your friend stands very close to you to hear you talk, you might feel as if he is invading your personal space.Women also generally rely more on facial expressions to convey their meaning or the intensity of their feelings.Men tend to prefer face-to-face communication, while women are usually equally comfortable side-by-side with their partner.

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If your significant other tells you he is fine with you going away for the weekend, but his voice is shaky and he is frowning, you might want to probe a bit further because these things tell you that there is something else going on with his feelings about your trip.When nonverbal cues are misinterpreted, it can create conflict in a relationship.For example, if you share a deep secret with your best friend, and she frowns at you, you might interpret that as disapproval -- even though she may have been frowning in concentration.Much of our nonverbal communication is unconscious.

In some cases, we don't meant to do it, but we can't really communicate effectively without it.

When nonverbal communication is used to accent a message, it can enhance understanding.

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