Olga kay dating toby turner

15-May-2017 06:17

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Popular rapper, Dan Bull (1m subs) released a parody re-edit of one of Toby’s old vlogs titled “TOBUSCUS DIABOLICUS” stating “I hope I don’t go to hell for this”.

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See Shira vid for 2014 assault you can watch him assault her while high and her saying stop.

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A woman on Tumblr accused Toby of drug addiction and rape.

She claims that he had on multiple occasions became “sexually aggressive” and even heavily pressured her and tricked her into taking Ecstasy.

Toby accidentally in one of his videos left his weed/meth pipe visible but everyone from Phillip De Franco to Max Landis, Gabe, Tim, All exes say Meth: from the people he's been around, witnessed it, and got away from him: These are also some verified Twitter users:https://twitter.com/Pamela Horton13/status/718739781333569536? After the show I angrily went up to our CEO, whom had skipped the ceremony but was attending the afterparties, and told him what happened. (Not that I blame her.) But I was aware that our CEO had worked closely with Toby prior to working at NMR, was still friends with him.

Walmart has now pulled Toby's toy from their "Youtube heroes" toyline.