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11-Jul-2017 16:04

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“Passive income” for doing nothing sounds brilliant to young Ukrainian girls on a tight budget.

Agents further ensure girls that dating sites where their photos will be published are not accessible from Ukrainian IP addresses.

One letter or call to President Putin – who is known to accept phone calls and emails from citizens – and scammers may find themselves in hot water. This is why internet scams in Ukraine are a popular way of making money online.

Similar strict control occurs in Belarus & Kazakhstan. (Think Nigerian romance scammers – a local underground industry that has spread its tentacles across the world.)The preferred modus operandi of Ukrainian scammers is different to their Nigerian counterparts.

In addition to gifts, models are offered one-off payments for photos (-20) and/or a 10-15% commission from the profile earnings. Letter writers type letters and chat to foreigners (their positions are listed as “translators” in job ads).

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The first letter from a girl (possibly a chat bot) is free to read.

Each letter writer is paid according to an individual agreement with the agent.

The best letter writers, who can entice and keep men hooked, are paid higher percentages of income.

seeking employees to chat with foreigners on dating sites under another person’s identity increased by 50% over the last six months.

The ads incorporate names of sites they “cooperate” with, including all the top pay-per-letter (PPL) brands of internationally-oriented Eastern European sites.Students, stay-at-home moms, pensioners, and other economically vulnerable people are eager to get paid for simply typing phrases on the screen.Earnings from men’s payments for letters and chats are split by Master PPL site with agents, who register profiles of the women.Pretty young women are paid to pose for photos (these positions are advertised as “models”).