Outlook always updating cached messages

17-Aug-2017 09:24

By default on machines that do not use a Personal v Disk, profiles can typically be found in C:\Users on each VDA.When Personal v Disks are used in a Xen Desktop environment, profiles are stored on the Pv D, typically P:\.

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All folders set to redirect are redirected to the correct server location.You can also see pictures of the profiles being processed by Citrix Profile Management on first log on and how they apply to a Shared Desktop but not against shared applications.I’ve included Folder Redirection for the most part so the majority of the profile is redirected rather than cached or streamed to my Xen App machines.Alternatively to prevent such a problem, you could consolidate desktops and applications on to the same VDA machines where possible.

Another alternative is to have separate profiles for each “silo”, desktop, application suite however this brings extra management overhead that must be evaluated and taken into consideration.

Keep in mind that last write wins, so the VDA a user logs off last will overwrite any changes that was made in previous sessions.