Powerpoint embedded excel not updating

26-Jan-2017 04:22

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However, when I use the above code, it updates the Excel spreadsheet I copied from, rather than the embedded worksheet, preventing the simulation from successfully updating.

This is quite obnoxious, and I have no idea what's wrong or how to solve it.

Both slides contain an image (two different images), and the presentation is set to loop infinitely until is pressed.

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I've run into this myself for updating weather images from the Internet during a slideshow. Delete End If End With Next Next Set sld Temp = Active Presentation. I don't use that program any more and can not find the code I once used. In the example below, a continuous Power Point presentation of 2 slides is used (if you have more, change the if statement in the third macro to the number of your last slide). The above information should help you get where you want to be. Create three subs, that do the same: Sub Auto_Show Begin() Dim sld Temp As Slide Dim lng Temp As Long Dim lng Count As Long Dim my Image As Shape For Each sld Temp In Active Presentation. Specific steps: Object method it goes a bit weird and refuses to adjust the size properly.