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15-Jul-2017 05:49

Now, obviously there are exceptions to that, and I'm not saying that no bald man can ever be successful.I'm just trying to paint a picture of my mental thought process while going through was helpful and sensible.But I wish there was something I could do to make it where I can get a shorter haircut without my head shining through my hair. There is no point in trying to thicken your hair if you don't address the fact that it's falling out.I've done countless hours of googling online in the past but gave up because it just seems like its all scams. I know you mentioned below in the comments, but what is it you take daily? If you get on Propecia and Rogaine, then you're off to a good start.It's a 5mg Finasteride pill that you then quarter and take 1 per day.Fill it with generics at your local walmart (or whatever pharmacy) and save HUGE bucks. Do you get your prescription from a Family doctor or a dermetologist? My facebook picture/status yesterday when I picked up my prescription The title pretty much says it, but I'll get the first question out of the way...."What about all those super duper scare sexual side effects!?!??!??

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It's seriously unfortunate, but self-preservation in the face of it is totally understandable (especially if you're trying to be an actor). Is the "generic" version something like Finpecia or some other overseas generic?1.25mg is easily in that range, so it's ok to go up to that. I got mine from the family doctor (general practitioner). Im so glad to here from someone with these same problems. my dad, uncles from my dads side and grandfather all had a bald spot in their mid 30s.I mentioned that I was currently taking generic propecia from overseas sources (which was true, at the time), and I wanted to get legit ones from the US, but couldn't afford Propecia. I'm 21 now and my bald spot is starting to become noticeable.Believe it or not, there's a stigma with being bald, and it holds bald men back from being powerful and as successful as men with hair.

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