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16-Mar-2017 21:03

Our education system is run by individual states, making it decentralized.That makes it hard to develop policies regarding sexual abuse because laws vary from state to county to school district.For instance, students may end up still attending classes with their perpetrator because no one has removed the attacker from their classrooms.Moreover, secondary schools often exist in smaller communities, where school populations are much smaller compared to typical college or university campuses.Highlighting the need for further education, research shows that 80 percent of high school counselors feel unprepared to address incidents of abuse.If a student experiences abuse, they cannot rely on the adults in charge to assist them properly, as the adults do not how to do so.These complications raise challenges of jurisdiction for a Title IX investigator at secondary schools.

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The Center for Disease Control reports 30 percent of female sexual assault victims were first attacked between 11 and 17, and the Justice Department states nearly 20 percent of girls between the ages of 14 and 17 have been victims of sexual assault or attempted sexual assault.

The main changes were improved student attitudes toward women's equality, the belief that dating relationships should be based on mutual respect and the need to share the power and the decision-making.