Tips dating black man

30-Jun-2017 07:31

As a white woman I’ve gotten a lot of attention from black men.

I could not imagine that it had anything to do with the .50 valet charge. You know, the ones like he has to work out six times a week for you to even consider a date.

You have to open your heart and your mind to the possibilities that love has to offer. Neither of you must see the other as the chief ambassador or a racial educator for your group.

You have to accept the fact that there are indeed cultural differences when it comes to thing such as flirting. As people of color, you’re used to being the ones who are against discrimination. Nevertheless, people make pre-judgments against one another.

Just because you have dated a over 50 person of a different race does not mean everybody from their background is the same.

Never make assumptions and take note that there is a lot of diversity in any culture.

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But, what if you are into interracial 50 plus dating?