Updating exterior of brick fireplace

04-Jul-2017 04:06

Lemme tell you show you first, then tell you about it.

Dave and our brother Troy (of Nashville Flipped fame, framed this thing up…that’s Troy in the shot below.But for this project, I wanted to be able to see more of the brick because it’s pretty brick, and I didn’t want that completely covered or lost, as it would have been with the whitewash technique used in our family room.These images were what I was aiming for: LOOOOVELY, no? I wanted a tad more brick showing through, and a little more choppy/uneven look.I’ve linked a couple tutorials/articles/videos I’d recommend checking out before diving in: Jenna Sue (love her) You Tube tutorial Renaissance Southpaw You Tube tutorial Less than Perfect Life of Bliss (tutorial for exterior application)Recaptured Charm (this blogger goes for a similar look using different materials) Get out the builder’s paper or tarps and cover your flooring if this is an interior project.