Who is erica from love and hip hop atlanta dating

10-Feb-2017 04:44

He said at the time that he didn't want his daughter being "raised in a lesbian household." (Mimi Faust explained that she's not a lesbian, but honestly, that doesn't begin to cover Stevie J's statement) It seemed at the time that he walked back those sentiments.If he's hurling anti-gay slurs around at children when he gets angry, however, it sounds like the underlying bigotry still lingers. An alleged physical attack upon a costar following a vitriolic tirade sounds like it might qualify. Their report said that things "got extremely intense," which echoes sentiments from multiple other sources about the reunion.Not only did he say vile things about Erica Mena, but he reportedly said some truly despicable things about her 11-year-old son.

Season 7 confirms that Erica Mena is moving to Atlanta in the upcoming season.

One can absolutely understand her anger if all of the reports that we have heard are true.

She would be furious after his alleged physical assault.

The show is about the lives of several women connected to hip-hop music.

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dating but not divorced yet

Erica is currently a single lady although there has been a rumor about her being in a relationship.

Erica says that she is moving to Atlanta as a changed woman on a mission in the trailer as she emerges from a private jet.