Who is eve the rapper dating 2016

12-Mar-2017 06:51

who is eve the rapper dating 2016-51

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The rapper announced that she got engaged to British fashion designer Maximillion Cooper.PHOTOS: Best of 2013: Top 10 Fashion Film Moments The Grammy award-winning musician, actress and fashion designer, whose full name is Eve Jeffers, has been dating Cooper since at least 2011, according to E! Cooper, who has four children from a previous marriage, also is the founder of the Gumball 3000 lifestyle brand, which began as an underground car rally.

It’s funny because I’m a really fiercely independent person and I always have been. Don’t even stress.’ When you have been doing things for years and my life has been about me for so many years, it’s a weird thing. Participants traveled there separately and picked them up to drive through England, including London's Regent Street, a busy shopping destination, and board ferries that would take them to Paris and beautiful, sunny Ibiza, a popular party spot in Europe.Just this past June, rapper Eve married British entrepreneur and millionaire, Maximillion Cooper, in Ibiza. Additionally, there were rumors on message boards of a relationship with Aaleeyah Petty when the model appeared in Future's music video for Blow A Bag, but nothing was confirmed. I'm guessing, based off of this information, that Future's probably single, and hasn't really been in a serious relationship since his breakup in 2014 with Ciara, aka the mother of his son Future.

Future's got his hands full with a bustling career — he's been touring with Drake on the Summer 16 Tour, and has four albums under his belt — so it makes sense that he's not putting his energy on relationships. “Being married has changed me in a lot of different ways. I don’t have to do everything by myself anymore which is nice.” Love these two and it’s great to see ‘Mrs. The rapper, who has always been pretty independent, told Cocoa Fab that he is teaching her to stress a lot less.Considering Future will be performing at the 2016 MTV VMAs Sunday, August 28 for the first time ever, his name is definitely going to be around a lot more than it already is — and thus, one might start to realize what an attractive man Future is.